Android Q gets branded as Android 10 because dessert names can confuse users

Over the past decade approximately Google has been naming its progressive android versions as desserts and in alphabetical order. The last android version android 9.0 was named Pie and it currently seems that this is often the last time Google has named its android version once a food item. the corporate has proclaimed that as of android Q, the names of progressive android updates can now not be named once desserts. As a matter of reality, they’re going to not be named in the slightest degree. Android Q are going to be referred to as robot ten.

Android Q gets branded as android ten as a result of course names will confuse users
Android 10.

Google explained in its diary that Android’s version names weren’t being properly understood by the worldwide community. Google gave samples of the letters L and R that weren’t distinguishable once spoken in some languages.

What this implies is that once somebody detected the android Lollipop it had been not forever clear in these dialects that it had been the android version once Kitkat. Google conjointly mentions that Pies aren’t well-liked in several components of the planet and neither area unit marshmallows. Numbers, on the opposite hand, area unit universal and area unit recognised in each a part of the planet.

The company mentions that there have been many course choices thought of for naming robot letter however at version ten it had been time to form a amendment.

Google is additionally dynamic the design of the android brand once it had been fresh last in 2014. The new brand has the android larva in it along side a brand new font and new black color rather than the initial inexperienced. Google can begin victimization the updated brand within the coming back weeks with the ultimate unleash of android ten.

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