Reliance Jio Fiber offering free broadband installation. Plans, application process, other details

1 min read. 04 Sep 2019

  • Other than the refundable security deposit, as of now there are no additional installation charges for Jio Fiber broadband service
  • Jio Fiber broadband plans will be announced later this week

NEW DELHI : As Reliance Jio gears up to launch its much-awaited Jio Fiber on September 5, the telecom operator is offering free installation of its broadband service to all its customers.

“As part of our initial roll out we are offering complimentary JioFiber installation and connection to all our customers. Other than the refundable security deposit, as of now there are no additional installation charges,” Jio said on its website.

Jio has already started online registrations of its broadband services, which has been renamed from Jio GigaFiber to Jio Fiber. After its commercial launch on Thursday, Jio Fiber will offer a speed of at least 100 Mbps with a maximum limit of 1 Gbps.

Although Jio is not taking any installation charges but there is a refundable security deposit of₹2,500 taken for the Jio Fiber router, also known as ONT device.

Using Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology, JioFiber’s full bouquet of services are delivered through a single fiber optic cable. Jio Fiber’s ultra-fast download and upload speeds enable seamless UHD video services, video conferencing and a variety of camera applications.

Typically the WiFi coverage provided by the Jio Home Gateway comfortably covers an open area of approximately 1,000 square feet.

Jio Fiber Plans:

Jio Fiber broadband plans will begin from ₹700 monthly and go up as high as ₹10,000 for premium users. “Currently our JioFiber services are prepaid. We plan to launch the JioFiber Post-paid in due course of time,” Jio said. Further details about the plans will be announced later this week.

How to apply for Jio Fiber broadband connection:

Jio has opened entries for application on its website since last year and so far over 15 million people have registered interest for getting a Jio Fiber connection. Jio services are being launched across India in nearly 1,600 towns.

Those who are yet to apply for the Jio Fiber broadband service can express an interest on its website by giving their address.

WhatsApp’s new interesting features for Android, iOS set to launch soon

WhatsApp Pay,WhatsApp Dark Mode,WhatsApp iPad
WhatsApp’s next updates to bring following options
WhatsApp’s interface might not reveal the amount of latest options it perpetually keeps adding to the app. whereas it’s straightforward and easy-to-use, the app incorporates a ton to supply to power users. Over the years, WhatsApp has shifted specialize in optimising the app to form additional transmission friendly permitting users to simply share pictures and videos. The recent updates in WhatsApp’s beta hint at the trend.

WhatsApp is certainly massive among automaton users however the corporate is additionally performing on many new options for iPhone users. Here ar a number of the highest forthcoming WhatsApp options.


Love iteration videos? before long, you’ll be able to share Instagram’s Boomerang-like videos on WhatsApp. noticed in one amongst the recent beta versions, WhatsApp can permit users to make but seven seconds videos. Users will either share these Boomerang-like videos as standing updates or directly share it with friends as a message. The feature is predicted to arrive on iOS 1st followed by automaton.


Apple last year introduced Memoji, a replacement kind of Animoji that users will produce and customise as they like. WhatsApp can finally embrace Apple’s Memoji with its one amongst the long run updates. The feature are going to be offered to WhatsApp’s iPhone users.


WhatsApp has confirmed it’ll be rolling out the long-awaited WhatsApp Pay service in Bharat later this year. almost like different UPI platforms, WhatsApp Pay is presently offered to pick out range of users in Bharat as a part of test. WhatsApp Pay is ready to vie with the likes of Paytm and Google Pay which permit users to form peer-to-peer payments.

Multi-platform support

WhatsApp’s next major update is permitting users to access their accounts on multiple devices at the same time. Currently, users will access the app on 2 devices via WhatsApp net (which mirrors the app on a desktop). The feature can basically can pave approach for a standalone WhatsApp app for iPad. per reports, users will access their accounts on iOS devices furthermore as automaton devices at the same time.

Dark Mode

We’ve been hearing regarding Dark Mode for a awfully while. With automaton alphabetic character and Apple iOS thirteen delivery system-wide Dark Mode support, WhatsApp is additionally expected to launch Dark Mode for its users terribly before long. The feature has been a part of some older WhatsApp beta versions however hasn’t created it to the stable versions nevertheless.

Android Q gets branded as Android 10 because dessert names can confuse users

Over the past decade approximately Google has been naming its progressive android versions as desserts and in alphabetical order. The last android version android 9.0 was named Pie and it currently seems that this is often the last time Google has named its android version once a food item. the corporate has proclaimed that as of android Q, the names of progressive android updates can now not be named once desserts. As a matter of reality, they’re going to not be named in the slightest degree. Android Q are going to be referred to as robot ten.

Android Q gets branded as android ten as a result of course names will confuse users
Android 10.

Google explained in its diary that Android’s version names weren’t being properly understood by the worldwide community. Google gave samples of the letters L and R that weren’t distinguishable once spoken in some languages.

What this implies is that once somebody detected the android Lollipop it had been not forever clear in these dialects that it had been the android version once Kitkat. Google conjointly mentions that Pies aren’t well-liked in several components of the planet and neither area unit marshmallows. Numbers, on the opposite hand, area unit universal and area unit recognised in each a part of the planet.

The company mentions that there have been many course choices thought of for naming robot letter however at version ten it had been time to form a amendment.

Google is additionally dynamic the design of the android brand once it had been fresh last in 2014. The new brand has the android larva in it along side a brand new font and new black color rather than the initial inexperienced. Google can begin victimization the updated brand within the coming back weeks with the ultimate unleash of android ten.

BEST 4K TV 2019 | TOP 10 BEST 4K TVs of 2019

welcome everyone to the tech bytes website are you looking for the best 4k TVs that money can buy you came to the right place in today’s post we will be looking at the top 10 best 4k TVs of this year. 

LG C8 4K HDR Smart OLED TV w AI ThinQ

1. LG C8 4K HDR Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ.

On our list we recommend you the best overall 4k TV from LG the c8 4k HDR smart OLED TV with a imq an ultra bright beautiful 4k TV with stunningly vivid gaming and movie performance the brand-new c8 is not a giant leap forward for LG’s OLED instead it has improved on last year’s models in a number of ways the upshot is an image that’s brighter punchier and more detailed while maintaining the black depth and naturalism that everyone loved it’s truly an exceptional 4k TV that money can buy highly recommended this is the brand new 2018 oled TV from LG this is the CH series and it comes in either a 77 inch 65 inch or 55 inch models like the one I have here pioneered and established by LG OLED TVs deliver a wider range of color definition given you images that are more vibrant and more lifelike than you’ve ever seen before you get perfect color representation throughout the screen thanks to an extra white sub pixel for every pixel in the screen delivering ultra fine areas of illumination to create a far more true to life color pattern and with the removal of the backlight from the panel you get perfect blacks that are much deeper and richer than anything possible on any LCD display the c8 features a picture on metal design where the screen is bonded to a single metal sheet delivering an incredibly stunning razor thin finish while still being rigid enough to be wall-mounted producing beautiful lifelike 4k resolutions and stunning dynamic HDR visuals all on a screen that’s thinner than your phone finished with this stunning streamline Alpine stand and black and brilliant silver engineered to fund the tv’s auto directly at the viewer like this enhances the viewing experience and completes the stunning look of a beautifully designed television now on the rear the ch series features everything you’ll need to get your whole entertainment center working together through one device which includes four HDMI 2.0 B ports perfect for connecting any 4k ready devices such as your blu-ray player or games console so you can enjoy native 4k content and a higher color depth and width frame rates without any stuttering buffering issues this model comes with built-in Wi-Fi and bluetooth 4.2 and a wired Ethernet port which is perfect for when you need to get the best network connection available for 4k streaming and gaming finally a dedicated HDMI a or C connection allowing you to pass third-party sound control through an external sound system or sign bar while keeping everything on a single remote the award-winning LG smart TV with freeview play puts you in control of the entertainment available using this smart platform you can view play and stream content from all the most popular on-demand services directly from your TVa new addition to this year’s OLED lineup is the Alpha 9 processor the C 8 series has LG’s most powerful alpha 9 processor inside which color grades and refines image content on the fly so when you are watching anything the Alpha 9 ship springs into action whether it’s native 4k or not scaling and enhancing the content up to 4k were possible which is improving color accuracy and image depth and using the quad step noise reduction tech to render extremely smooth gradations between colors reducing the blurring and the banding between frames all LG OLED models come with the brand-new 2018 magic remote now I love this piece of kit the beauty of this is that it’s part laser pointer part computer mouse and part additional TV remote and it works seamlessly together making using the Smart TV function absolutely effortless and now with the integration of the later then qai it opens up a whole new way of interacting with your TV set no more clicking or scrolling needed you can just ask for what you want simply by using your voice thin QA I will listen think and respond to you directly through the Magic Remote so you can turn the TV off change the volume change to cinema gamer sports pitcher mode pause fast-forward rewind or even open your favorite app and with Google assistant built-in this is just the tip of the iceberg of what LG Smart TVs are capable of you can do so much more than just control what you are watching for example you can be getting directions viewing Google photos even asking about local restaurant reviews all from the comfort of your sofa just your voice also these TVs are compatible with all Amazon’s Alexa devices – the LG OLED C 8 features the latest in contrast and color boosts in high dynamic range HDR technology enhancing your view and experience and shown depth of color unheard of in home entertainment systems this OLED TV supports most major HDR formats including h LG HDR 10 dolby vision and advanced HDR by Technicolor the integrated sound system support in Dolby Atmos makes it easier to experience a cinema quality sound directly from this extremely thin frame this creates a stunning virtual sign sphere that’s far more realistic than regular TV speakers if you want to really enhance that experience and the base you may want to think about adding a dedicated sound bar just to add that extra level of realism to your viewing experience 2018 LG c 8 series really is a spectacular example of OLED technology it’s very best whether or not you’re a film TV buffle sports fanatic or a dedicated console gamer the LG OLED range represents the absolute pinnacle and home entertainment system     

2. Sony A9F Master Series – 2160p – Smart – 4K UHD TV with HDR

On our best 4k TV list we have the new Sony’s amazing a9f master series 2160p smart 4k uhdtv with HDR the 8 9 F is unquestionably Sony’s best whole at offering to date and arguably a strong contender for a high-end screen of the year when it comes to image quality and audio performance it’s deliciously impressive a stunning cinematic experience in your home an integrated visual and audio experience that surrounds understands with the creator’s intent the promise of x1 ultimate delivers true to life realism that can almost be felt rich luxuriant blacks and colors that reveal the secrets of the heart enjoy the immersive theater like sound experience of acoustic surface audio plus with the television acting as the center speaker combined with a multi-channel own theater system you’ll feel as if you are at the movies a television that faithfully reproduces the creator’s intent. 


On our list we have for you as the LG’s 4k HDR OLED TV EA t’ with a I thank you if the best possible 4k / HDR picture quality is what you’reafter LG z8 series is an excellent choice while it comes with a very premium price you’re getting ìletís most impressive picture quality 4k / HDR 10 / Dolby vision support a unique design and an upgraded iteration of the webOS platform to be honest when I first heard of the concept TV meets glass material I wondered why this was so unique in groundbreaking when I finally saw the LG OLED TV 8 I was convinced it was definitely a unique and new way of using glass in designing a television.

4. Samsung Q9FN LED Smart 4K UHD TV

we have for you as the Samsungs q9f and cue LED smart 4k uhdtv this samsung q LED TV offers strong picture quality great audio and a mostly excellent smart TV experience it is truly in a league of its own Samsung’s proprietary quantum technology provides class-leading color and contrast deeper blacks more detailed shadows and brighter whites all make for a brilliant and immersive viewing experience. 



On our best 4k TV picks we recommend you the premium 4k Ultra HD TV from Panasonic the FX 800 incredible picture quality stunning design and its large beautiful screen make this TV truly impressive packed with innovative TV technologies and capabilities designed to enhance your viewing experience watch your favorite movies like never before panasonic’s FX 800 is a premium ultra stylish art glass design LED LCD television delivering Hollywood tuned pictures in a stylish and sophisticated design the FX 800 features 4k Pro HDR technology with the same powerful HDX processor used in our o LEDs driving it’s picture quality it features HDR 10 plus compatibility but active or dynamic HDR it is a super bright panel with a wide viewing angle and a 200 Hertz motion refresh rate and Panasonic’s local dimming Pro delivers extraordinary contrast the stylish art glass design with a thin glass bezel smart cable management system and a slim stainless-steel foot pedestal combined for a stylish and modern television stream or watch live TV content directly to your device anywhere in the world with Panasonic’s unique TV anytime voice assist compatibility with Google assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as twin HD tuners round out this premium offering from Panasonic the FX 800 is available in both 55 and 65 inch panel sizes.  

Sony BRAVIA A1E 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

6. Sony BRAVIA A1E 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

we have for you as Sony’s marvelous bravia 1e 4k ultra HD smart LED TV the Sony a 1e OLED is very well future-proofed from a tech standpoint the TV is built with the latest high-end processors supports multiple HDR formats like HDR 10 and Dolby vision and features Smart TV apps that will stream the best 4k HDR content available well into the future.


7. LG OLED 4K TV | C7 OLED 4K HDR Smart TV

On our list we have for you as the LG C 7 oled 4k HDR smart TV the stupendous image quality superb sound and cracking gaming performance the C sevens all black bezel and more stable tabletop stand make it still one of the best 4k TVs to buy from brilliant bright studious darks LG OLED TV offers the ultimate expression of high dynamic range unlike some other 4k televisions LG OLED TVs support dolby vision optimizing the picture scene by scene as well as the new h LG HDR standard so viewers get more options for premium content you.

8. Vizio 2018 P-Series Quantum 4K HDR Smart TV

we have for you as the VCO SP series quantum 4k HDR smart TV simply put this TV is incredible and what Vizio has achieved is astounding the quantum competes with and even excels beyond some of the priciest TVs we’ve seen this year though it’s not the best TV we’ve seen this year but it comes damn close all at a reasonable price. 

Samsung NU8000 Premium Smart 4K UHD TV

9. Samsung NU8000 Premium Smart 4K UHD TV

On our best 4k TV list we have the Samsung send you 8000 premium smart 4k UHD TV the Samsung and you a thousand is a versatile 4k LED TV with good picture quality and HDR support loaded with features the Nu 8000 has advanced smart browsing with voice control which finds your shows easily stunning depth of hdr+ more colors than HD TVs create a breathtaking 4k picture you.   

10. TCL 6 series (2018 Roku TV)

 we recommend you the TCL 6 series 4k UHD TV TCL’s new 6 series didn’t have to change much to be one of this year’s best affordable 4k TV the company did the right improvements however it doesn’t look like a budget TV anymore the HDR color range and brightness have seen minor improvements and Netflix streaming and gaming is still a wonderful set if you are looking for a budget 4k TV it is a competition between TCL and vizio it is difficult to argue that the sixth series is not a great choice and it is definitely worth a look if you’re in a budget.  

iOS 12 GM Released! What’s New & How To Update!

GM has been released today so let’s take a look at that’s what’s new what’s changed and everything you need to know regarding your upgrade to iOS 12 so just so you know GM means Golden Master.

iOS 12 GM Released! What's New & How To Update!

This is the final build of iOS 12 it’s the same thing you’re gonna see on Monday and the final release on the 17th so I’ll take you through its it’s actually a very very large update so it was basically like reinstalling iOS’s 12 from the beginning 2.77 Gigabytes. iOS 12 GM Released! What’s New & How To Update!
[amazon_link asins=’B007921JYI’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’rishi3654-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’efb74b1c-cea6-11e8-af51-6ba147d6d39e’]
iOS 12 GM Released! What's New & How To Update!

And basically tells you everything about I was 12 it’s officially out of beta been completed and the first thing that I did has with any GM is going to the wallpapers to see if any new ones has been added and unfortunately Apple has decided to tease us and not add any.

Maybe they will add some one in future versions of iOS 12 but it seems like all the new ones and this is one that I extracted from the website by the way from the iPhone 10. iOS 12 GM Released! What’s New & How To Update!

I really don’t understand their strategy with the hole removing wallpapers thing not adding any new ones I really wish they would add some more they have some very beautiful ones that for whatever reason they just don’t want to put here how much storage could it possibly take come on Apple with the GM.


It’s like tradition to add new ones anyways I do have the official 10 s wallpapers here-pretty easy to find now but yeah so no new wallpapers I went ahead and started digging through trying to find some new changes and what not in iOS and I really wasn’t able to find anything in his GM and I’m sure that will turn up it’s those little little tiny incremental that they add everywhere here there but they’re very hard to see just from a quick overview.

iOS 12 GM Released! What's New & How To Update!

So I’d actually have to use it fora little while and I’ll get back to you on that but the GM is mostly for stability it’s the final release final version so you do want to update to it just for that stability it was before updating.

I had 186 207 available gigabytes after 180 5.7-so it absorbed a little a little bit of my storage now for all those optimizations or one of them then I did go ahead and update on all my devices and I just wanted to give you a little a preview here on older phones iOS 12 runs like an absolute dream like on the iPhone 5s.

It gives it brand-new the GM in particular just feels amazing so anyone with an older device Apple is actually emphasizing in the event how they to keep devices alive for longer and it definitely shows with their iOS 12 updates it’s ridiculously smooth.

iOS 12 GM Released! What's New & How To Update!

I was actually surprised like things load so quickly especially on older devices the 6s in particular shines the most I think from this update success 7 series.

So it’s really good to see that anyways performance is great nothing to worry about if you guys were actually holding off from iOS 11 to 12 I wouldn’t personally it is so fantastic especially on the iPad is a night and day experience you didn’t get the iPhone 10 like experience with the multitasking jumping between apps like that it’s like the best thing ever about it so the iPad.

iOS 12 GM Released! What’s New & How To Update!

iOS 12 GM Released! What's New & How To Update!

A huge upgrade definitely would recommend me and recommend it on any device but if you guys do want to be cautious you could wait until a point release like iOS 12 point 0.1 or I was 12.1 to be safe and who knows maybe Apple could even add a dark mode at some point during I was 12 but probably unlikely I was 12 point two or the big feature releases.

So we still may see some evolution and I was 12 and what’s to come I am excited to see on iPhone 10s all those little features here and there the little things Apple will add to them to differentiate them they don’t always show everything in their event so I’m excited to dig through that so yeah that’s iOS ‘s 12 the Gold masters.

So I want to go ahead and do a Geekbench let’s see if we can break some records here by way the Apple 12 chip looks insane gonna be a very solid improvements the single core score should improve roughly about 15% as the high end cores grow by that percentage and then it’s basically going to be a lot more efficient in the low cores.

It’s gonna take a lot less battery life to do basic mundane things like check instagram or stuff like that so it help on the new iPhone models with the battery life so as this is finishing up I just want to mention that if you guys are on iOS 12 beta 12 right now you can easily update to GM through the over their update settings.

But after that I would recommend you delete your profile for the beta updates and then restart your device and that’s how you’ll get the final updates for iOS 12 if there will be one or any sub the quaint updates for iOS salt after that otherwise you will never see them if you’re on the beta profile and we got ten thousand six hundred and five.

iOS 12 GM Released! What's New & How To Update!

Which is on a high-end very very high end actually single core score pretty normal so I got tell you’ll been running iOS 12 betas since the beginning and it has gotten so much better home pod support the responsiveness that it has been much better the speed it’s definitely much since the beginning.

So at this point I’m actually comfortable with it I’m totally comfortable with suggesting that you do go ahead and update on any and all devices it will improve your quality of life and greatly.

Kotlin Control Flow

Kotlin Control Flow

I want to talk about looping alright so basically of course you know looping is going to allow us to cycle through arrays and ranges or collections and all sorts of other different things, kotlin Control flow.

And basically anything that implements an iterator function.

For Loop:

So I already talked about for loops a little bit let’s do another one so i’m going to go for X in and here we’re going to use a range.

I’m going to one dot dot ten and it’s going to cycle through one through ten as you’re probably guessing.

Let’s print that out and we’ll say something like Lube Lube.kotlin Control flow.

I don’t know stickler for uppercase letters and then I’ll go X all right so there is how we can come in and work with or basically cycle through a range now I want to do something a little bit neater and this is what I’m going to do is I’m going to use a while loop and it’s going to guess random numbers but you may be asking how do we calculate a Rand number well the neat thing about Kotlin is basically if there is a library inside of Java you’re going to be able to use it inside of Kotlin.

So we go imports Java dot util random so there’s a library we use to import or to calculate random values with Java and automatically we’re going to be able to use it with Kotlin.So pretty cool someone come down here now and generate a random value how you do that you go Val and we call this R and is equal to random and then go Val and I’m gonna call this magic number is equal to R and next I’m going to work with integers.

So I want to find a random value from 50 to 1 or from 1 to 50 I guess it’s better way of saying that let’s change this to magic number lowercase.

While Loop:

kotlin Control flow.

Now let’s use our while loop course.With While loop like in almost every other language you’re going to have you’re going to increment or work with that you’re going to have outside or define before the while loop .

So I’m going to save our guess is equal to zero and just have it figure out whatever the datatype for that is and then

I’m going to go and generate my while loopkotlin Control flow.

So I’m going to go while magic number is not equal to the guess in that situation I’m going to come in and go guess and there’s a shortcut way of adding one to a value and I’m going to keep incrementing the value of guess until it gets to the point where it finds what it wants and then in that situation I can then say magic number and was and we’ll just sort guests inside there all right,

Let’s run these guys and you can see how that works out and there it is it and looped through ten and magic number in that situation was 41

kotlin Control Flow

let’s run it again and now it’s 12

kotlin Control Flow

run it again now it’s 16

kotlin Control Flow

and you can see that the random number generator is working and also the it’s working.

Continue And Break:

Another thing let’s go and do another while loop but so that I can talk about continue and break.

Now let’s do this as a for loop so let’s go for and we’ll say X in and I’m going to go 1 2 20 and then what I’m going to say if X modulus 2 is equal to 0 modulus is going to give us the remainder of a division and what this is used for is to check if a value is even or odd so if it comes back X modulus 2 is equal to 0 that means it’s an even number in that situation what I want to do is continue back to the top of the loop and basically skip over all of the even values.

So I’m going to go continue like that then after we get out of that continue basically just skips everything else that comes afterwards and jumps back up here and this guy up here this for loop is going to increment for us otherwise I want to come in and go print line and I’m going to print out an odd value.

So I’m going to put it like that and I’m gonna go X is going to be what I print out.

Let’s say that I want to jump out prematurely and if the value is ever equal to 15 how I can do that is I can say if X is equal to 15 in that situation I want to break out of it and that is how that’s going to work if I run that indeed works

so it only printed out the odd values and whatever it got the 15 it jumped out of the loop even though this was supposed to continue going and itended and that’s how continue in break work inside of caught ones keep doing some more.

Let’s go and create ourselves an array here and Slar let’s call this array 3 and let’s define this as an integer array is equal to array o +3 + 6 + 9 and hat we’re going to do here is iterate for the indices of our array how we can do that is go and I nray 3 and indices and what it’s going to do is return the indices for each of the individual parts of the array and then we’ll be able to go in here and print line like that.

And let’s say I want to get multiples of 3 which is why stored inside of there this and Ray 3 and throw an eye in there so that’s a way to get all that out of there and then the final thing is I want to output not only the index but also the value for each of the values inside of the Ring I can go for and then put double parentheses inside of there and I’m going to say index and value is what I want to work with I’m going to say in array 3 with index parentheses once again since that is indeed a function.kotlin Control flow.

And then I’m going to print out and would go bats and index and I’m going to get to the index and that’s coming from this guy right ther you’re goiing to see more examples of how where like they would pull information this way and I want so save that didn’t have any bugs that’s going to print out real nice on the screen

kotlin Control Flow

and indeed you can see here I went and printed out those values inside of our array by referring to their index and here I printed out the index as well as the values alright so there is a whole bunch of different things about a looping.kotlin Control flow.

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How to make a chat app -Android studio

How to make a chat app -Android studio

Hello there,
Today our new tutorial on Android studio on how to make a chat app.

First open Android studio create new project Chatapp.

In java click package name > new > java class


Give name ChatMessage and click enter.


Now Type the code

package your package name;

import java.util.Date;


public class ChatMessage {

private String messageText;

private String messageUser;

private long messagetime;

public ChatMessage(String messageText, String messageUser) {

this.messageText = messageText;

this.messageUser = messageUser;


messageTime = new Date().getTime();


public ChatMessage()   {


public String getMessagetext()   {

return messageText;


public void setMessageText(String messageText)   {

this.messagetext = messageText;


public void setMessageText(String messageText)   {

this.messageText = messageText;


public String getMessageUser()   {

return messageUser;


public void setMessageUser(String messageUser)   {

this.messageUser = messageUser;


public void setMessageUser(String messageUser)   {

this.messageUser = messageuser;


Next open gradle> build.gradle(project: Chatapp)

Import GooglePlay Services

type  classpath ‘’  in Dependencies section.

open build.gradle(Module:app)

Import Support Design package and Firebase package


After Dependencies section type

compile ‘’

compile ‘com.firebase:firebase-ui:0.6.2’

Now Enter Sync now.

Now open firebase console site

create new project>Chatapp>create project

Enter the details of your project like project name,package name and Debug signing certificate.

paste the google-services.json file in app folder of project.

Type apply plugin: ‘’

In activity_main.xml
















How to create a chatbot with python

How to create a chatbot with python

Hello there,

welcome to our new tutorial on deep learning using python

In this Tutorial we’re going to be doing is beginning to build our Database that’s going to store our basically our parent comments-the’re paired best reply comments

So the reason why we really want to do something like this is because well first of all

A lot of these files are way way too big for us to just like read into RAM and then create the training files from even just individual months.

But chances are you’re gonna want to eventually if you wanted to create a really nice chat bot you’re gonna be wanting to work on many months of data so may be possibly billions of comments you do have your disposal so when that’s the case we Probably want to have some sort of database now for he purpose here.Just to keep things simple

We don’t deal with my sequel servers or any other Big database server type thing I’m just gonna use SQLite. It’s help us get the job done,but you feel free to use pretty much whatever you want.

But I’m gonna use SQLite here now before we get too deep I just want to address kind of what all our data should be looking like.So I want to bring up here

This is basically if you downloaded the reddit data,and you know extract it.

It should look something like this you should have years.You know basically 2007 to 2015 again bigqueary does have data all the way up to.

Recent like you know last month whatever that would be.

And also if you do go route.Just know that your formats going to be totally different than ours,so you’ll have to adapt.What you’re doing?

if you want to go that way,but possibly if someone does share some way to officially pull bigquery. I’ll probably append the to the end of this tutorial series because there’s also multiple models that I’m working on this chat bots.So I also just I’m pretty confident that there will be some follow up videos.

Anyways enough that if you click on any of these normally you’ll just have all these compressed files.

But if you extract them,it looks like this basically and then these files contain just a bunch of samples each sample looks long.

Alright,so this is just one sample as you can see there’s a bunch of data here.It’s obviously a JSON.

It’s key and value though so yeah,you know there’s a lot of first all wasted information here.

So just putting into database will severely decrease the size of this data right you just have one column name and then all the data you’re basically you know this much data becomes just this right that makes more sense.

Also,we don’t need all of thee we don’t need like link ID for example.We don’t really need name .We might be interested and created.We’re probably not interested in when it was received author flare.We probably don’t care about you might.

We probably don’t and so on obvious we do care about like things like score and ups and downs and maybe if they were glided Or not or stuff like that we might care about those especially like if trying to make some sort of a very specific bot.

Same thing with like the subreddit or something like that if you want it again to create some sort of really specific Type of chat bot for now I want it to be a fairly general But i care about at least score one thing to note though is i’m fairly confident score is miscalculated downs are always zero.

So score is always miscalculated if I recall I can’t remember if that’s truly the case,but anyway.It’s really quick to test.I forgot all I know is that take it with a grain of salt because it’s improper.Anyway ,I’m pretty sure it’s the case that downs are always zero,but I can’t remember if you can take ups and then score.

You know basically ups-the actual score would equal the downs,or if score also always equals ups I can’t remember,but anyway just know there’s some sort of flaw there anyway.

Let’s continue

Working in python now what I’m gonna.Go ahead and do is we’re just gonna start building out the code that we’re going to be using let’s go ahead and import sqlite3 for our database import JSON.

And then we’ll go from date/time import date time and really.

SQLite obviously database JSON to read that format basically and then date time we’re really just going to use this to output where we are.As we’re kind of outputting just some logging information just so know where we are.As you might imagine going through these huge files can take a lot of time so sometimes.I just like to put simple.

Outputs that kind of tell us where we are at that at the time.Moving along we’re gonna say time gonna say we’re going to use 2015.Oh 5 so remember the format of the files,when you download them basically,so we’re gonna basically be grabbing this one.They all have RC.I don’t know what our C stands us probably not release candidate,but it’s I don’t know what it stands for but anyways the all have that same format obviously.This is May of 2015 so this is the one we want.

Alternately you could take lists of time frames and then iterate through them build the database the same way.I’m about to build the database so once we’ve done that i’m gonna have SQL.

Transaction we’re gonna have this because you don’t want to be in specially like when you know you’re gonna be working with like millions of rows.You don’t want to insert rows one by one if you don’t have to that’s really inefficient.Instead you want to build up a big transaction,and the do it all at once and it will be just gobs faster,so that’s what we’re going to use that for.Now what we’re gonna.Do is build out the connection that’s going to be SQLite 3 dot connect.We’re gonna connect to something database not seeing database not seeing the database that would still work though taht format.

And in time frame so this will just be a database called whatever the month and year is again alternatively if you wanted you probably could do is.Like this well for example probably what we’re in a color table is like.

Parent reply or something like that.Instead you could actually make the database parent reply and then each table name could be the month or something to me i don’t really think the month and year is all valuable like there’s no real reason why you would separate those out so i’m gonna really do that but you could if you wanted anyway then we’re gonna define our cursor,so that’s just connection dots cursor.

Okay now we’re gonna.Go ahead and use creator table,so it’s fine creates.

And then this is just going to be your typical see to execute.

Create table it not Exits and the tables to be parent reply and Then we’re gonna have all of our columns so first of all we’re gonna have parents ID and This or.This is gonna be text and then also it’ll be our primary key

Yeah,this is gonna run way off the screen.I think you can get away with a triple quote here We’re gonna find out just So I don’t to run everything off the screen so much.

We’ll see how it goes so yeah,so parent ID now we’re going to need the comment.

Comment ID and that again that’s going to be text and not a primary key,But it should be unique And then we’re gonna have parent & parent,Will be also text type and then we’re gonna have the comment itself so the reply  comment will be text type.

I’d also like to ahead and log the subreddit just simply because I do kind of see in the future.That’s gonna be a useful thing to be tracking different subreddits have different ways of talking And if you want a smarter soundings chatbot you could go a with more scientific and engineering types of subreddits if you wanted a more.

Never mind I’m not gonna get myself in trouble well.We’ll stop at that anyway.You could get different types of Chatbots the unix time that’s just gonna be a integer and then finally we’ll go ahead and take the score which also should be an int.

Okay so with that. We’ve got our query and pf course I did just run it off the screen anyway.But yeah so with that we should create the table if it doesn’t exit so then what we do at the end here is if We’ll just start our main loop here our main chunk.I guess maybe name equals main.Let’s go to create table,so this will just create the table if it doesn’t exit.

The other thing to note is if the database doesn’t exit when you attempt to connect to it creates a database that’s why we didn’t have to create any database that’s obviously just SQLite and then finally This obviously will only create the table if it doesn’t exit and so it’s relatively cheap to run it.

So we’ll go ahead and run that so.

That’s all for now what we’re gonna.Do is in the next tutorial.We’ll actually start working through.I’m not sure if we’ll be able to insert any of the data.Too much because there’s a lot of cleaning up of the data and stuff,but yeah in the next tutorial We’ll at least start Buffering through the data and start kind of cleaning up that data and get it ready at least to insert it into the database Anyways,if you have any questions comments concerns whatever feel free to leave the below,otherwise.I will see you in the next tutorial

Tips to help keep your parents safe online

Tips to help keep your parents safe online

Hi there,

Today I want to help you protect some of the most important people in your life: your children and parents.

Kids and parents are some of the most vulnerable categories of online users for one simple reason: none of them have the ability to understand what might harm them online.

Their innocence about all things web makes us smile most of times, but it could get them into trouble!

10 tips to help keep your parents safe online

Parents are often out of sync with the latest technology developments, and rarely, if ever, go beyond a simple antivirus. But cybersecurity is a very dynamic field, so staying updated with the newest threats is always important.

So here are the most important tips that we have in order for you to help keep your parents safe.

Our parents have poor basic security habits


1. They think they have nothing worth the cybercrooks’ interest.

No? Really? What about any work documents? No contracts attached to past emails? Any information they wouldn’t want to be public? No credit cards pins saved in text drafts on desktop? No online shopping on websites that stored credit card details?

How you can help:

Open their eyes. Compile together a list of all their online information assets.  According to this, have them note how valuable each piece of information is.
You can also have them follow our free, action-ready security plan.

2. They have bad passwords habits.

Most likely, this kind of information can be found on social networks, such as Facebook profiles, where they are willingly sharing it.  And they don’t even think about changing it every few months.

They write their passwords and PIN codes on a paper that they keep in their office desk or in a mail draft. Or worse, in their wallet, next to their credit / debit cards.
They use some of the worst passwords.

How you can help:

Discuss together the importance of passwords, about why and how much they matter. Only a few people really comprehend how easy it is for cyber attackers to crack a password.

An 8 letter random password means 200 billion passwords combinations. How long would it take to break that password? We’ll let you do the math.

Also let them understand why it’s important to have unique passwords for each and every account. Just like they don’t use the same keys for their car and house and bank safe deposit, they shouldn’t be using the same password everywhere. If one of them is breached, then the attacker will have access to all other accounts. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be your parents fault for a password to be leaked, the employees of the companies that manage those accounts can be equally responsible.

Let them know that a good password needs to be at least 14 characters long, random, use non dictionary words, mix uppercase with lowercase, digits and punctuation.

You can also forward them our password security guide 101.

3. They don’t understand what two-factor authentication is or why it’s so important to set it up everywhere possible.

What’s even worse, chances are they haven’t even heard about it until your bring it up.

How you can help:

Ideally, two-factor authentication would be a default setting for all major accounts. But until that happens, you’ll just have to help them set it up wherever it’s currently available.

Let them know how easy it is to use it: they just have to log into the account with their usual password, then they’ll receive a text message on their phone with a unique code, they’ll have to put code in and that’s it – safe login!

Start with setting it up for their banking accounts, put in place a second verification for online payments. Move on to the email accounts, as most likely those are the central piece of their online activity and they are linked to all other accounts. Social networks shouldn’t be neglected either – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, they all offer the possibility to activate 2FA.

Help them understand how interconnected our online accounts are. If a cyber attacker manages to breach into one of them, then all accounts will be compromised. You can also send them our complete guide to what two-factor authentication is and why they should use it.

4. They leave their mobile phones and computers unattended and with no security barrier set in place.

This way, they could be easily accessed by someone with bad intentions. It could be a thief that stole their mobile phone and thus gained access to other sensitive data. Or, even more likely, a vengeful work colleague that installs a keylogger or Trojan horse on their PC, to spy on them.

How you can help:

Teach them how to set up their phone to lock after a short time, if it’s been idle, and how to set it to require authenticating in order to unlock. If available, use something stronger than a four digit PIN (that’s the easiest one to breach).

Our parents can easily fall for scams & social engineering


5. They can’t identify cyber threats delivered via email.

They fall for all the contests and lotteries that announced them they’ve won. They will click on any email they receive, without second thinking that they might not be from who they think they are.

They are willing to cooperate and give away their personal data. What’s even worse, they’ll click on links or download attachments without giving it any extra thought.

Here’s a popular scam example:


How you can help:

Encourage them to second guess any email they receive before opening it, replying or clicking on any link or attachment. Let them know that just because an email says it comes from the bank or the IRS and uses the company’s logo, it doesn’t mean it really was sent by their representative.

If they still aren’t sure of its authenticity, ask them to forward the email and have you check it.

6. They don’t understand how social media platforms work or what their impact is.

They don’t know how to set up their privacy settings on social networks. They aren’t aware of the possible consequences that might arise from this.

They freely allow any third-apps to connect and access their online accounts, without giving any second thoughts to it.

Most of their friends also lack technical knowledge, so the odds are that one of them will get infected with a Facebook worm and further infect his / her network. They aren’t aware that they shouldn’t click on short links, links that they don’t know where they lead, not even when those links were sent by their friends.


How you can help:

This kind of scams rely on shocking news, use celebrities names or even emotional extortion.
Ask them to be patient and don’t rush into clicking on any links or opening attachments. Before doing any action they should ask their friends what those links are about.

We also recently published an extended guide on social scams, you can forward it to them.

7. They share too much information.

They post on social networks photos of their homes, photos from their vacations, so the criminals know how their places look like and when they are gone. They also post tons of photos of babies and children – nephews, cousins, and so on. They aren’t aware that the net is dark and full of terrors – including groups where pedophiles are sharing photos like the ones posted by them + digging for any kind of information on how to locate the kids.

Other potential risks:

Stories of oversharing gone wrong have been rampant in the news, with one of the most extreme examples including a phenomenon called ‘digital kidnapping’ reported on earlier this year.

How you can help:

Ask them to be more aware of what they share online. While it could be tempting to do what everyone else is doing, as a way to fit in the new modern world, they should also be aware of the dangers of oversharing.

Go together through the privacy settings for each social network account and adjust them to their needs. Have them turn off their location settings – they wouldn’t want others to know where they live, right?

8. They can be easily manipulated by online media.

They think that just because it’s on the internet, then it must be true. They are willing to believe in conspiracies and fake news. They don’t know how to discern between what’s true and what’s exaggerated because of a commercial purpose.

How you can help:

Ask them to always be vigilant. Have them check from three trustworthy sources (legitimate websites) before they believe anything they read. If unsure, ask them to email you so you can help them out.

Our parents don’t realize how vulnerable software & hardware really are


9. They place too much trust in an antivirus product.

They believe that just because they installed it and are paying for it, then it will save them from any potential cyber threat.

They believe that their Apple device can’t be hacked. Actually, that’s not true. In 2015, MAC and iPhone OS made it to the top of software with most vulnerabilities. And since we brought up this subject, Linux users aren’t safer than Windows ones.

Take a look over 2015’s list of most vulnerable software:

How you can help:

Help them realize that it’s not enough to have an antivirus (or only use iOS / Linux) and it won’t protect them from all evils that exist out there.

Help them install security software they can trust, such as a traffic-filtering solutions (that sanitize Internet traffic) and automatic software patching solutions that keep their apps up to date.

10. Parents rarelyunderstand the interconnectedness in software and / or hardware.

They have no idea how sophisticated and frequent cyber attacks are. They don’t realize how easy it is to get malware. You don’t even have to click on anything or enter a suspicious website in order to compromise your computer – all it takes is an infected banner on a perfectly legit website.

How you can help:

Let them know that even legit websites can be compromised. Explain how plenty of attacks can happen without their action – they don’t need to click or download anything for their PC to get infected with malware or Trojans. Malicious codes injected in ads will search for vulnerabilities in their system and exploit them.

Just 8 software apps make 99% of computers around the world vulnerable to cyber attacks, so make sure that your parents keep their software updated and patched all the time.

This includes: browsers, browsers plugins and add-ons (Flash, Java) or any other kind of desktop apps (Adobe Reader, VLC player). Go to the software settings and change them all on Auto-Update.

To avoid  the pain of manually updating apps and software, we recommend you use our very own Heimdal FREE, which will automatically update the software for you!

Internet Safety for Kids in 5 Steps

Online protection for children is hard to deliver in just one lesson, but we can present the most important steps a parent can take to keep a child protected from online dangers.

It’s difficult to predict what a cyber criminal can obtain from a child.
To help protect you from these dangers, here are 10 actionable tips will improve the Internet safety for your kids and bring you peace of mind.

1. Make sure to always have access to your child’s computer.

It doesn’t mean that you need to verify every day what happens on the computer. But once in a few weeks, you can take a look on what websites have been accessed or what kind of content has been downloaded on the system.  And as soon as the communication has been established, the relationship usually continues by a long time exchange of e-mails.

First, talk to your child and clarify the situation.

2. Teach your children about online dangers.

Learning is not a destination, it is a process.

The following questions could prove useful for you and your family:


3. Let them teach you. Or simply listen to them.

Staying online is a risky business and we cannot really predict where a discussion or comment will take us or what type of people we may encounter on a social media platform.

You can find out who they know and whom they listen to.
But how much do we actually know about our children?

For the moment, children need to acknowledge that online actions lead to real consequences. Not paying attention to what we choose to access may lead to serious malware infections. Using the parents’ credit cards on any website may

lead to losing money. And if we are here, we need to say it: Cyberbullying should not be accepted by any parent.