Hack 75+ Social Media accounts Usernames With This Tool!

Do you ever surprise somebody is victimization your username on another social network that you simply ne’er used? There are loads of social networks out there, therefore if you’re willing to ascertain that manually, it’ll take a short while.

UserRecon maybe a script that may speed up the method and can operate for you over seventy-five social networks. during this article, we’ll justify you the way to download and use UserRecon on Kali UNIX or in Cygwin for Windows.



1. Download UserRecon Script

UserRecon is largely a shell script, there are not any binaries concerned therefore you’ll be able to merely transfer the supply script from the official repository at Github with the program line (or simply transfer the file and place it somewhere):

git clone https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/userrecon.git


For additional info regarding this shell script, please visit the official repository at Github here.

2.Run UserRecon Script

After downloading the script, simply run it either as Associate in Nursing practicable (provide execution permissions to the file):

cd userrecon
chmod 777 userrecon.sh

After Executing the script, you’ll get the welcome page of UserRecon and it’ll prompt for the username that you simply wish to ascertain round the net.


This shell scripts work on all UNIX distributions and even in Windows (if you employ Cygwin) as it’s very written in bash.

Happy operation !

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