WhatsApp’s new interesting features for Android, iOS set to launch soon

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WhatsApp’s next updates to bring following options
WhatsApp’s interface might not reveal the amount of latest options it perpetually keeps adding to the app. whereas it’s straightforward and easy-to-use, the app incorporates a ton to supply to power users. Over the years, WhatsApp has shifted specialize in optimising the app to form additional transmission friendly permitting users to simply share pictures and videos. The recent updates in WhatsApp’s beta hint at the trend.

WhatsApp is certainly massive among automaton users however the corporate is additionally performing on many new options for iPhone users. Here ar a number of the highest forthcoming WhatsApp options.


Love iteration videos? before long, you’ll be able to share Instagram’s Boomerang-like videos on WhatsApp. noticed in one amongst the recent beta versions, WhatsApp can permit users to make but seven seconds videos. Users will either share these Boomerang-like videos as standing updates or directly share it with friends as a message. The feature is predicted to arrive on iOS 1st followed by automaton.


Apple last year introduced Memoji, a replacement kind of Animoji that users will produce and customise as they like. WhatsApp can finally embrace Apple’s Memoji with its one amongst the long run updates. The feature are going to be offered to WhatsApp’s iPhone users.


WhatsApp has confirmed it’ll be rolling out the long-awaited WhatsApp Pay service in Bharat later this year. almost like different UPI platforms, WhatsApp Pay is presently offered to pick out range of users in Bharat as a part of test. WhatsApp Pay is ready to vie with the likes of Paytm and Google Pay which permit users to form peer-to-peer payments.

Multi-platform support

WhatsApp’s next major update is permitting users to access their accounts on multiple devices at the same time. Currently, users will access the app on 2 devices via WhatsApp net (which mirrors the app on a desktop). The feature can basically can pave approach for a standalone WhatsApp app for iPad. per reports, users will access their accounts on iOS devices furthermore as automaton devices at the same time.

Dark Mode

We’ve been hearing regarding Dark Mode for a awfully while. With automaton alphabetic character and Apple iOS thirteen delivery system-wide Dark Mode support, WhatsApp is additionally expected to launch Dark Mode for its users terribly before long. The feature has been a part of some older WhatsApp beta versions however hasn’t created it to the stable versions nevertheless.

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